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InvivoGen provides high quality services to help you reach your research goals in a timely manner.

Our services comprise:

  • Compound screening: we assess activation or inhibition potency of your test compounds using our reporter cell lines for TLRs, NOD1/2, Dectins/Mincle, and STING signaling.
  • Custom cloning: we clone our genes in the plasmid backbone of your choice from our catalog, with the selection cassette that fits your research needs.
  • Blood assays: we perform in vitro tests on fresh whole blood from healthy donors according to your needs (cohort size, gender, age, blood group). We can source and perform assays with fresh blood from patients with specific diseases, or with animal blood (including different primate species). 

InvivoGen services are carried out with a rapid turnaround, and we offer highly competitive rates.


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